Navigating Transformation:  Agile Approach

The complex and constantly evolving environment with new business models and technology requires constant adaptation and the ability to focus and prioritize. Many of our clients have successfully adopted a lean-agile approach for all or parts of their organization, which has become a market advantage. The change challenges both leadership and work methods but leads to higher engagement and faster delivery of value.

We create successful transformations through extensive experience in leading and coaching lean-agile transitions in both small and large organizations. We have deep knowledge of the SAFe framework and are well equipped to adapt to our clients’ unique circumstances, needs, and goals.

We also assist in staffing roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Release Train Engineer. We coach teams and product owners to success, facilitate meetings and workshops, and have experience with other roles such as Epic Owner and Product Manager.

Maximizing Agile value and scalability

At Conventea, we aim to bring our clients the best outcomes in agile transformations and roles. Focused on maximizing value and scalability, we closely understand our clients’ needs and tailor solutions. Our experts have extensive experience in leading and coaching agile transitions in all sizes of organizations, ensuring clients reach their full potential. With a deep understanding of agile methodologies, we help clients navigate their unique circumstances and reach desired outcomes. Whether it’s staffing roles like Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Release Train Engineer or facilitating meetings and workshops, we are here to help maximize value and scalability in your agile journey.

Other services we offer

Interim Services

When you need a temporary solution, our competent consultants provide the support that takes your business to its desired goal.

Digital services

Accelerating business transformation and innovation strategies.

Financial and regulatory reporting

Expert assistance in creating effective reporting and reporting solutions.